Pruvit KETO OS Review- Why I don’t recommend it?

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Pruvit Keto//OS NAT is one of the most popular exogenous ketones which is in business for more than 5 years.

Full name: Pruvit Ketone Operating System(OS) Nutritionally Advanced Technology (NAT).

The Promise

Pruvit promises that their KETO//OS NAT allows you to experience Ketosis (benefit of elevated blood ketone level) without having to follow the restrictive ketogenic diet.

Other promises include:

  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Rapid Fat Loss
  • Faster Cell Repairs


I got a lot of requests from people asking about the review of Pruvit KETO//OS.

As I review the products only after I personally try them, I visited pruvit’s official site to buy one.

At first glance, the product seemed extremely pricey-around 2 times the price of competing products. I still decided to buy one just to try if their product is worth the price.

But as I tried to checkout, it asked me for a referrer code and had no option to continue without entering the code.

Although most of the sites have an option to enter a referral code, you can continue shopping even if you don’t have one. I have seen very few sites where it’s compulsory. This is when I knew it is an MLM (More on this topic below).

Then I researched more into their product and the more I dug deeper, the more reasons I found not to try their product.

Why I absolutely don’t recommend Pruvit KETO//OS?

1. Extremely Pricey

A bottle of Pruvit KETO OS (20 servings) costs $130 while a bottle of competing products with 15 servings can be bought for around $50.

Here’s the price Breakdown:

Pruvit KETO OSPerfect KETO
Price$130$56.99 $39.99
Read Perfect KETO review

As price/servings calculation shows, Pruvit KETO OS costs 2.5 times more than Perfect KETO.

If you take Pruvit KETO OS twice a day, you will spend a total of $390/month compared to $160/month on Perfect KETO.

2. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Strategy

Update: FTC has sent a letter to Pruvit waning about their claims about earning and health benefits. You can read full article or download pdf sent to Pruvit here.

You can’t buy any of the Pruvit’s products without a referrer code because they operate an MLM business that encourages many people to join and promote their product.

The idea behind MLMs is that people pay to become distributors of a product. These can be physical products or services. The company is structured so that the people above (the person who recruited or signed up the new distributor, the people above them, ad infinitum) get a percentage of whatever the distributor sells. The new distributor is encouraged not only to sell the product but to sign up other people below them so that they can make even more money. 

source: antiMLM Reddit community

Pro Tip: You can use a site called to check if a company is MLM.

The problem with this kind of marketing is that whenever someone signups to be a promoter of Pruvit, they have to buy a huge amount of products and pay a certain fee. The minimum amount one has to spend is $650 plus the annual membership fee.

These items are shipped to the promoter’s address and they have to keep it. The promoter has to recommend the people to buy these items and whenever someone orders any product from the affiliate link of the promoter or enters their referral code while buying, these items are the ones that get shipped.

So, whenever your friend or some influencer recommends you buying Pruvit’s products claiming how Pruvit changed their life or any other rehearsed phrase, they are not recommending products from some company but trying very hard to sell you the products on their own garage.

If somehow the promoters are unable to sell those items, they have to keep it themselves.

The problem with this strategy is that people are trapped in a certain product. They have to either sell the products at any cost or bear the cost of the products themselves.

So, most of the reviews of Pruvit you read on the internet are highly BIASED.

Most people, on normal conditions, wouldn’t join such a program with subsequent risk as there are thousands of other products with referral programs that don’t have this risk. So, the company lures people by providing a very high commission rate (up to 40%) to participate in their program.

Thus, most of the money you spend on Pruvit KETO//OS, goes to the promoter rather than the product itself. This is the main reason why their products are very expensive.

3. Undisclosed Ingredients

You shouldn’t buy any products that do not disclose their ingredients, especially when they are directly related to your health.

Pruvit doesn’t disclose the amount of some of the key ingredients used in the product including the BHB salts.

As the amount and ratio of key ingredients are missing, there is no way anyone can tell whether this product performs as they promise or not.

Most of the trusted companies always share the ingredients, unless it is a trade secret, as this will increase the trust level on the consumer.

Companies like Pruvit who hide the ingredients which are not any kind of trade secrets, are generally considered suspicious and can be either scam or over-promising what their products do.

4. Extremely low rated Product

Pruvit KETO//OS is the lowest rated exogenous ketones I have ever seen. More than 46% have rated only 1 star on amazon before they stopped selling there. One of the main reasons they stopped selling on Amazon, probably, is that they cannot filter ratings there.

Most of the people complained about the product being absolutely useless, the price being unreasonably high and many more.


I absolutely don’t recommend you to buy Pruvit KETO//OS NAT. There are plenty of brands like Perfect KETO that have higher quality exogenous ketones at half the price that clearly state their ingredients and with fair business practices.

Overall Rating

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