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If you have searched for supplements on the KETO diet, you will find many articles on the internet recommending Purefit KETO or KETO BodyTone (these two are the same products).


Purefit KETO is advertising its product heavily paying a huge affiliate commission to people who recommend their product. You will find many online reviewers giving them good ratings and recommending you to buy Purefit KETO to grab that commission. So, please read this post before buying Purefit KETO as I have found some major red flags you should know before buying Purefit KETO.

Some Red Flags About Purefit KETO:

  1. Their business model is suspicious.
    Their entire business model is based on affiliate promotion. They will lure bloggers, influencers, and other content creators with a huge commission to recommend their product. Although this practice is normal, Purefit KETO is providing an unusually high commission of around $75 per sale for a product that costs around $50 (Generally, the affiliate commission is around 15% of product price). They will try very hard to sell you more than one bottle so that they can pay the affiliates.
    If Purefit KETO can run their business successfully paying the high affiliate commission, the actual cost of products must be very very low to actually make a profit. So, you probably will be buying $10 worth of product for $50.
  2. There are many complaints of people getting scammed.
    They are many complaints from people saying they have been scammed by Purefit KETO. The majority of complaints have one issue in common: Purefit KETO has charged their credit card for 5 bottles despite them ordering only one. This is ridiculous but not surprising if you have read my first red flag. They overcharge you forcefully if you do not follow their “polite advice” to buy more bottles so that they will be able to pay their affiliates and make some profit selling a mediocre product.
  3. They do not have an official website.
    If you search for Purefit KETO on Google, all the results you find are the review posts from third party sites. The official website of Purefit KETO does not appear because it doesn’t exist. They sell their product from some spammy looking websites like buy-purefit-keto.com and they seem to change their website frequently. Any genuine company trying to build a brand would never do this. They probably are doing this to avoid their site being labeled as spam by online scam checkers.
  4. They seem to change their brand name or sell the same products with different names.
    Every genuine company in the world wants its brand to flourish and more people to know about them but Purefit KETO goes the opposite direction. As soon as their product gets attention, they start to sell in different brand name and as of today they have abandoned the Purefit KETO brand and are selling as KETO BodyTone.
    Although Purefit KETO tries to buy good reviews from content creators and influencers luring them with the huge commission, not everybody gets sold and some of them will expose their scam. So, they have to change their brand and sell under different names. They may be selling their product under various other names too but with their sketchy business model, it is hard to find.

    5. They ran the Shark Tank Scam.
    Purefit KETO tried to scam people by saying they have been featured on the Shark Tank program which has been proven fake. This was just a desperate attempt to scam people and probably many fell for it.

Recommendation: I highly recommend you not to buy Purefit KETO. Instead, if you haven’t already tried, I highly recommend you to try Perfect KETO. Perfect KETO is a genuine brand and I haven’t heard any complaints of scam or whatsoever. I personally experienced the best results with their products.

If you still wish to learn about Purefit KETO, you can read below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and if you click through them and buy Purefit KETO I will earn an affiliate commission.

What is Purefit KETO

Purefit KETO is a non-GMO keto supplemented that helps our body enter ketosis, which is what we call the phase where our body officially starts to burn fat instead of glucose.

The product is all made with natural ingredients that help to enter ketosis faster. Also helping with our energy levels while making our body burn more fat.

These benefits were enough to quickly make Purefit KETO one of the most popular keto supplements out there. If you ever tried the keto diet you most probably know that entering ketosis can be quite challenging.

Staying on ketosis is even harder. Being so, a product that can naturally help our body enter and stay on ketosis would be an amazing promise.

What are the Purefit KETO ingredients?

All of the ingredients are natural and according to the brand they all have a purpose on the formula. Initially, purefit is rich in Magnesium BHB, Calcium BHB, and Sodium BHB.

BHB, as you must be wondering, is a compound in our body that is a key factor in entering ketosis. Without it, we simply couldn’t enter the stage. BHB can help our body make that shift to burning fat instead of glucose and it is a process already acknowledged in many studies.

Secondly, there’s Rice Flour, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, and Gelatin. Mostly, these ingredients are in the product to make it work in an efficient way. The Rice Flour is rich in proteins and helps to substitute gluten.

Magnesium stearate is important to make all the capsule components hold it together. Silicon dioxide helps to avoid the components of clotting together. And lastly, Gelatin is the ingredient used to make the capsule itself.

Are there any side effects of Purefit KETO?

Again, if you ever tried the keto diet you will know that there are a series of side effects. This is normal, considering your body is completely changing its fuel source.

All of the symptoms such as headaches and laziness naturally disappear in a few days. Once your body has adjusted to the new diet and energy source. This symptom phase of ketosis is usually called “Keto Flu”, as it is similar to the symptoms of the usual flu.

Many studies have shown that one of the reasons, however, of these side effects is the loss of minerals. This happens because once the fat cells are broken to be converted into energy a lot of water is lost.

With this water, we also lose a lot of minerals. That’s why most people on KETO like to replace their electrolytes. It helps almost completely avoid any symptoms. And you might remember, one of the ingredients of Purefit KETO is sodium.

This means that the supplement can actually help make the whole transition to ketosis easier. Avoiding the uncomfortable symptoms of the transition.  The supplement also helps burn MORE fat in the first few days of going keto.

This will also help to avoid the usual laziness of this phase since it will stimulate your body to produce more energy.

Does Purefit KETO really work?

It is very hard to say whether Purefit KETO works or not as there are many people who claim that Purefit KETO did not work and also a few people claiming it actually worked.

Personally, I don’t even want to try.

The Bottom line

After our review and research, we have come to the conclusion that Purefit KETO has a sketchy business model, many complaints of people getting scammed, and some other issues but they mostly deliver the product.

Purefit KETO is a low quality product compared to Perfect KETO and has very low success rate.

It us highly recommended to stay away from them.

But, If you are looking to buy the supplement you have to access their website by clicking HERE.

Have you ever tried the Purefit KETO supplement? Tell us about your experience!

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