​​WonderSlim Review- Can Diet Supplementation Really Create Ketosis?

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These days a person interested in losing weight has more potential paths to choose to achieve their goal than ever before. There are diet pills and shakes, fad diets, ones named after celebrities and celebrity doctors, diets that tell you to gorge on protein, others that tell you to limit protein, some that don’t restrict carbs and others – like the keto diet – that do. On top of all that there are a number of companies today that produce entire meal plans that you can buy into a month at a time or that you can purchase ala carte if you just want to give yourself a break now and then.

WonderSlim is that type of product. WonderSlim replacement shakes, replacement meals, protein powder, energy bars, and more are designed to cover every aspect of your diet so that you don’t ever have to go back to old eating habits to achieve proper nutrition. But does a complete healthy meal replacement program like this actually work? That’s what we’re here to find out.

​What is WonderSlim?

WonderSlim is a brand name that covers a variety of weight loss meal replacement products. These include meal replacement shakes, wholemeal replacements, snack bars, soup, and more. They are specially formulated to aid in weight loss and some of their replacement shakes and other items are popular with those on low-carb diets. Although it should be noted that the company does not market these as a keto product or claim they will help you achieve ketosis.

The WonderSlim line of meal replacement shakes is produced to undeniably lofty standards in an FDA-certified facility in the US. The company purportedly enlists the services of dieticians, nutritionists, and other experts to devise their meal replacement shakes, snacks, and other items and by all accounts, they are nutritious, if not particularly delicious.

​Company Claims v Reality

The makers of the WonderSlim replacement meal make quite a few claims regarding the effectiveness of their product including but not limited to the following:

●        That users will be able to lose weight without having to engage in a lot of strenuous exercise – There are not many health experts who would make this kind of claim or support anyone who would make this kind of claim. Certainly you can lose weight by sitting still and starving yourself. But that’s about the only way you’ll get around having to do at least a bit of exercise. The words “starvation” and “diet” however, should never be used in the same sentence.

●        That the various meal plans they lay out are easy to follow whether you’re a man or woman – That the WonderSlim meal replacement plan is relatively easy for anyone to follow is not in dispute. They do a decent job describing what needs to be done and what is expected.

●        That they are made from natural ingredients – This is one of those claims where you need to get the lawyers involved. Because there’s been a debate going on for more than 20 years now about just what constitutes “natural” and what doesn’t. Salt is natural. But nobody in their right mind would say that the best meal is a pile of salt.

●        That all their offerings are effective and rich in vitamins and minerals – There is no way to determine if the replacement meal, replacement shakes and other items produced by WonderSlim are rich in vitamins and minerals without taking them to a lab and testing them. Likewise you’ll find a lively debate about whether this kind of replacement meal is actually an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. So this claim comes down whether or not you take the company at their word.

If we were talking about a menu fashioned from fresh vegetables and lean meats and cooked for you on the spot the above might be a list of claims you could take to the bank. But WonderSlim is a line of powders, snack bars and heavily processed replacement meals, so any claims about them being natural and nutritious need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

​Is WonderSlim the Same as MediFast?

WonderSlim is not the same as MediFast. While there are a lot of similarities between the two meal replacement plans they are not produced by the same company. The one thing they share perhaps more than anything else is that they’re both very expensive. A month’s worth of replacement meals from either company could cost you $500 when shipping is factored in. That’s an awful lot to pay for food that is not likely to set your tastebuds on fire.

Many people (including the members of our product testing team) feel you’d be much better off simply reducing your carb intake and using Purefit Keto supplements instead. When used in conjunction with a low-carb diet Purefit Keto will help you achieve your weight loss goals and won’t cost you a king’s ransom to do so.

​How Much Weight Can You Lose on WonderSlim?

You can lose as much weight on WonderSlim as your commitment level allows. As with all weight loss shakes and weight loss diets how much weight you drop is a direct result of how dedicated you are to both the final goal and, perhaps more importantly, to the process involved. If your commitment waivers – if you sneak in bowls of pasta and ice cream sundaes when no one is looking – you can’t expect to lose anything except a lot of time and money.

If, however, you adhere to the guidance provided by the company and are scrupulous when it comes to resisting temptation you should be able to reach your weight loss goals over time. “Over time” however, could be a couple of months or it could be a couple of years. On top of that uncertain window the matter of whether or not you can keep the weight off is another story altogether.

The unfortunate fact is that most folks return to form after a while. That means that, even if they make a good faith effort to eat tiny portions all the time, it will never stop being work for them and they’ll miss being full. As a result they will eventually return to their former eating habits. Just because it’s easier. It will probably happen gradually with a pizza here and burger and fries there. But before the person knows what happened to them they’ll be back eating like they used to.

The great thing about eating low carb food is that it doesn’t require you to change who you are. You can still eat at your normal times and have a big, fatty dinner. The only thing you need to purge is carbs. And while that too is easier said than done, it’s not nearly as difficult to do or as difficult to sustain as going from 1 big meal a day to 6 small meals that often takes like sand and glue.

​What are the Ingredients in WonderSlim?

The WonderSlim brand encompasses a number of different products. So the ingredient list is long and complex. But here is a representative sampling of the various ingredients you’ll find in their recipes. Keep in mind different products will include different combinations of these and other, lesser ingredients.

●        Whey protein concentrate – This is a common ingredient in many types of prepared food. It is derived from milk typically during the process of making cheese. It is prized for being easy to digest and for dispersing gradually and evenly within the system. And it is a decent source of amino acids.

●        Calcium caseinate – This is another dairy product, only this time derived from 1% milk, not whole milk. Bodybuilders are fond of this type of protein because it’s slow-acting, slow-digesting, contains little fat, and is another excellent source of amino acids.

●        Potassium caseinate – This form of potassium is derived from skim milk. Potassium is one of the most important minerals in your body. It’s responsible for everything from helping to stave off heart disease to lowering bad cholesterol levels to regulating blood pressure and helping to ensure your heart beats at a steady rhythm.

●        Fructooligosaccharides – This is one of those artificial sweeteners you find in weight loss items that’s unusually low in calories per serving and is considered easy to digest. It doesn’t come with baggage attached like stevia, and it’s certainly better for you than sugar.

●        Soy lecithin – Soy lecithin is found in both conventional and health foods. Here it plays an essential role in many WonderSlim recipes. There are a lot of potential benefits associated with this ingredient, including enhanced brain function, lower cholesterol, faster metabolism and a stronger immune system.

●        Maltitol – This is a type of sugar alcohol that is commonly used as a substitute for refined sugar. If you have blood sugar level issues you don’t want to see this in the ingredient list. As Dr. Eric Westman reminds us “There is only about one teaspoon of sugar in your entire bloodstream.”

●        Safflower oil – While it would certainly be better if a replacement meal was made using olive oil, safflower oil costs considerably less. So you can understand why this and other companies prefer it. The bad news is it’s not as good for you as olive oil. The good news is that, as far as non-olive oils go, it’s one of the best out there.

●        Palm oil – Several WonderSlim recipes contain palm oil. While palm oil has been shown to have some potential health benefits, those are outweighed by the fact that it is nearly 50% pure saturated fats. Studies have shown palm oil creates dangerous plaques in the arteries of lab rats and is suspected of doing the exact same thing in humans. Palm oil is one of those ingredients that can be labeled “natural” but that shouldn’t be in the best meal replacement products.

●        Canola oil – Canola oil is the poster child for Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. It also contains trans-fat. The name is a combination of Can (Canada) and ola (oil) because the lab work done to create the “canola” from the natural rapeseed was done in Canada and backed by the Canadian government.

●        Yellow 5 and 6 – Something we never want to see in our food items are artificial colors. They have such a checkered history that you are always better off if a particular product is not terribly attractive but doesn’t have artificial coloring in it. The FDA has banned a number of different colors over the years, including red 2, 4 and 32, orange 2 and yellows 1, 2, 3 and 4. Yellow 5 and 6 are currently being evaluated over concerns they might present health problems.

Other ingredients you may find in the best meal products from WonderSlim include fructose, corn syrup, vanilla, guar gum, fiber and various natural and artificial flavors, just to name a few.

​How to Use WonderSlim

The WonderSlim meal replacement plan is designed to swap the high-calorie, high-carb, sugar and salt heavy meal you’re currently eating for their portion-controlled replacement dinners or best meal replacement shakes. Their program calls for you to eat small, low-calorie, protein shakes, meal replacement bars, or an actual portion-controlled meal 6 times a day. The theory being that by eating a smaller, low-cal meal you will maintain stable energy flows, won’t experience after meal crashes, and will avoid cravings. The protein content is also intended to help you burn fat and provide you with more energy than you currently have.

​How Does WonderSlim taste?

That depends entirely on which product you are talking about. For instance, we thought their vegetable chili was surprisingly tasty. So much so that it left us wanting more, primarily because the portions are so small. On the other hand, their protein-rich chocolate wafer bar was not exactly bad, but remarkably tasteless for an item that looks so scrumptious. Their protein weight loss shakes are another pretty tasteless product you’ll have to jazz up yourself to make palatable. In addition, a single serving of their Pea Protein Chips will slam you with 360 mg of sodium. Which means they’ll be plenty tasty but might also induce a stroke.

How Does WonderSlim Work?

WonderSlim works by replacing your calorie-intensive meals for their low-calorie meals. The program requires you to ditch the food you’ve been eating for decades and replace it with a WonderSlim prepared meal, snack bar, protein shake or meal replacement shake.

WonderSlim is not the first company to come up with the idea of creating a comprehensive healthy meal plan that you can purchase. Jenny Craig and, of course, Weight Watchers have been doing the same for many, many years. The main difference here is that WonderSlim asks you to eat 6 tiny portions. Essentially they want you to transition from being a gorger to being a grazer; from being a lion or snake to being an antelope or a sheep.

It’s a lot to ask a lion to eat like a sheep. It’s simply not in their nature. And that is the major problem with meal replacement programs. Old habits die hard. So what you get from a line of products like this will be directly proportional to what you put into it. If your commitment to become a different kind of eater and buy into the meal replacement idea is not rock solid you can forget about losing any significant amount of weight.

​Not Really Keto Friendly

Here’s the real kicker for those practicing keto. In order to achieve and maintain a state of ketosis you need to not only limit carbs but up your intake of fat, because that’s what your body is using for fuel now. But WonderSlim recipes, with only a few exceptions, have little or no fat in them. For those on a standard low-calorie diet that might be a great thing. But when the terms of your new diet call for fat and you’re not getting enough it’s a problem.

Unfortunately, that’s not all because many WonderSlim products will slam you with a whole day’s worth of carbs in one setting too. Which means your food choices will be drastically curtailed. And sodium content, intended to enhance the flavor, can be through the roof as we mentioned.

That is not to say it’s impossible for someone to lose weight using the WonderSlim system, only that the odds are not necessarily in your favor because it requires you to essentially become a different person. Compare that to keto, that doesn’t require you to do anything except swap out carbs for healthy fats.

​So, Does it Work?

WonderSlim and other programs like it are to be applauded for providing people with a potential way to bring their weight under control. As obesity reaches epidemic proportions there should be a greater emphasis on eating right coming from all sectors of the business. So kudos to them for trying to change people’s attitudes about what they eat.

However, if it were up to us we would give meal replacement plans like this a pass and adopt a low-carb lifestyle instead. Then we would augment that low-carb diet with Purefit Keto. Purefit Keto BHB ketones will enhance your ability to burn through stubborn fat tissue whether you are being completely compliant with the ketogenic edict of 20 grams of carbs daily or not. It’s a much simpler, much more predictable, much more reliable way to lose weight, get in shape and keep the weight off. And it doesn’t require you learn to be something you’re not.

​Are There Side Effects to Using WonderSlim?

Because WonderSlim includes artificial colorings that may, repeat may, present long term health hazards it is not beyond the pall to say that a person may encounter some serious side effects down the road.

That said, when it comes to this type of product in general “side effects” is perhaps not the right term to use. A better way to frame the discussion would be to talk about the inherent perils of eating foods that have been prepared long ago and far away and then packaged up and put on a shelf to await sale. Although the meal replacement shake is a big part of WonderSlim product line they also make a lot of these “ready meals”.

The Perils of Ready Meal Replacements

The ready meal presents myriad potential problems so it’s essential to understand that how an item is cooked is as important in determining whether it’s safe to consume as what is in it. While grams of sugar, salt and calories are legitimate and major concerns when it comes to pre-packaged food, preparation also plays a part in determining whether a replacement meal like those from WonderSlim are actually good for you.

For instance, steaming and boiling can bleach vitamins and minerals out of most foods. Yet the nutrient information on WonderSlim labels reflects the state of the food prior to cooking. So we really have no way of knowing whether the nutrients listed are actually still present in the meal we’re eating.

Just What is “Natural” Anyway?

In addition, sometimes makers of a prepared meal will substitute lesser ingredients for higher-quality and more expensive ones, or just load a dish with fiber in an effort to keep their costs down. That includes vegetables that may come from farms where they were bombarded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, or meat from animals that have been on a steady regimen of hormones their whole life. Reading the ingredient lists on various WonderSlim products it’s just not possible to tell. They toss around the word “natural” a lot. But radiation in “natural”. So is cyanide. So just because something says “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Because of the inherent mystery surrounding the value of the prepackaged ready meal the better, safer, wiser choice is to pin your weight loss hopes on ketosis and to augment that diet with a simple BHB ketones supplement like Purefit Keto. Eating low carb food allows you to shop for all your own foods and prepare your own meal using only the safest and freshest ingredients. Sure, you’ll need to be a little creative in filling the void left by the lack of carbs but you will have control over everything that goes into your body.

​Where Can I Buy WonderSlim?

WonderSlim products are well-known and widely distributed. They can be purchased on Amazon (most of them anyway) as well as on numerous second-tier online retail outlets. Before you go ahead and drop your hard-earned money on this type of meal replacement product though, you would do well to consider your willingness to fundamentally change the way you eat. It might sound easy enough to switch from one large meal a daily to eating 6. But those 6 may be comprised of meal replacement shakes and not much more. Sticking with it then becomes the challenge.

Still, our testing did not suggest that WonderSlim is an inherently bad product just that its value as a means of achieving your weight loss goals is suspect at best. That said, if you are convinced you to have too much money and want to dispose of some of it, there are probably worse things you could spend it on. So if WonderSlim seems like the weight loss product you’ve been waiting for you can get the best price by clicking this link.

Should You Buy WonderSlim?

WonderSlim may be the best meal replacement products out there. And truth bet told we wanted to like it. After all, the company seems dedicated to helping people eat better and that’s something that’s really important these days. Chances are that if you buy into their comprehensive plan that includes eating 6 times daily and that you are able to resist the urge to cheat when no one is looking, you will probably wind up losing some weight. Though exactly how much is hard to gauge.

But beyond that are considerations like food safety and cost-effectiveness. Remember this type of processed, pre-packaged food is not cheap. That’s primarily because there are so many people involved in the process. From dieticians and nutritionists to office workers, managers, production line workers, salespeople, delivery drivers, and many more.

​The Bottom Line

So, our only question when it comes to WonderSlim is this: Why bother? Meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, low-calorie snacks, and ready meals are all very well and good but there is a better, easier, 100% natural way to lose weight: eating low-carb food and supplementing with Perfect KETO. The low-carb diet takes advantage of your body’s own natural processes that are triggered by simply restricting the number of carbohydrates you eat. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require you to develop a dependency on pre-packaged food and you won’t ever have to deal with things like yellow dye 5 or 6.

The low-carb keto diet is perhaps the safest, most dependable method of weight loss ever. And you can enhance its ability to deliver the results you’re after quickly and safely by making Purefit Keto BHB part of your daily keto routine. Get the increased exogenous ketones you need.  If you’re serious about weight loss choose Purefit and leave the wondering to other people.


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