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Perfect Keto is the most popular keto supplement on the market. No other keto supplements sell as much on the level of Perfect Keto, not even close.

But is Perfect Keto really that good? Are the customers satisfied? What was my experience with them?

I will answer all the questions one by one. But let’s start with the basics.

Perfect KETO – Introduction

Perfect KETO is actually a brand more than a product. They produce a variety of ketogenic supplements which I will review one by one.

Although they produce a variety of products, the most popular and the one I will be reviewing in this post is their flagship product – Exogenous ketone base. If you are unfamiliar with exogenous ketones, please read this first.

(I will call Perfect KETO’s Exogenous ketone base as just Perfect KETO from now on for simplicity.)

I tried Perfect KETO because they seem to be a genuine brand as they boast stats like:

  • More than 50,000 satisfied customers
  • An average of 4.9 stars rating from 3000+ customers
  • The highest customer retention rate in the market. (People buying more than one product or the same product more than once.)

Perfect KETO: What is it supposed to do?

Perfect KETO, like any other exogenous ketone, has the same function: to boost the ketone level in your blood and help the users to reach the stage called ketosis. Ketones are the derivatives of fat that are used by your body as fuel.

Does Perfect KETO work?

This is the most important aspect where most of people seem to be confused. Let me clarify for you as simply as possible.

First, I want to clarify the myths regarding the use of exogenous ketones.

Myth 1: You can know whether an exogenous ketone works or not by measuring blood ketone levels.

I have seen many reviewers around the internet measuring their blood ketone level before taking Perfect KETO (or any ketone supplement) and after taking it. Then they will conclude whether the product works or not based on the increase in ketone levels in their blood.

The ketone level increases because you ingested exogenous ketones directly just like your blood alcohol level increases after drinking any alcoholic beverages. This test proves that the product you bought is actually exogenous ketones and not some random powder but this doesn’t mean that your body has started to produce its own ketones.

The ketones seen in your blood are the ones you just consumed and will disappear after a few hours. All the fat in your body is still intact.

Myth 2: You can achieve ketosis without the keto diet if you take exogenous ketones.

Most of the exogenous ketone sellers/manufacturers would like you to believe that by the use of their product, you can achieve ketosis without the keto diet, which is misleading.

It is true that your ketone level will increase after taking exogenous ketones, but as I have already explained in the first myth that does not imply you have achieved ketosis.

Your body absorbs the exogenous ketones you take and your blood transports them to your cells. This is reflected by the increase in ketone levels in the blood but as soon as you stop taking exogenous ketones, your body goes back to using glucose as fuel and the ketone level falls down.

Your goal is to force your body to produce its own ketones by burning the fat stored inside your body and this is only possible either by keto diet or fasting. The increase in ketones in your blood means nothing if you don’t lose any weight.

So, you must make some significant changes in your diet and include high-fat, low-carb food to achieve ketosis.

If the keto diet is necessary, what is the use of Perfect KETO?

If you can remain strongly committed to the Keto diet no matter how hard it may be, restrain yourself from over-eating no matter how hungry you may feel, and wait as long as it may take to lose your weight then you don’t need Perfect KETO or any other supplements.

Perfect KETO must be taken as a “supplement” to the keto diet like it is supposed to be. It is not like those drugs that claim to burn your fat within a few days without any extra effort.

There are a few reasons to include Perfect KETO with your keto diet:

  1. Faster Result.
    Since your birth, your body is adapted to use glucose from carbs as an energy source. So, just because you switched to the Keto diet, it is impossible for your body to derive ketones from fat and use them as an energy source. Perfect KETO supplies ketones so that your body will adapt to use them as an energy source as a result, you will reach ketosis faster.
  2. Relieves you from Keto Flu.
     At the beginning of the Keto diet, many people will experience side effects like feeling tired, exhausted, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, etc which is known as keto flu. This mostly happens due to a lack of energy which is fulfilled by Perfect KETO.
  3. Curbs your hunger.
    If taken on an empty stomach, in the morning, Perfect KETO curbs your appetite and as a result, you end up eating less.
  4. Energizes you

So, the bottom line is that Perfect KETO helps you a lot in your transition from your normal diet to the Keto diet and to remain in the Keto diet.

What do the buyers say about Perfect KETO?

Here are a few reviews among more than 3000 positive reviews from verified buyers.

Perfect KETO Real-Life Usage Experience

After seeing most of the people claim to have a positive experience with perfect KETO, I decided to give it a try.

Instead of trying at a single time, I took Perfect KETO at different times of the day.

i. Morning
I took perfect KETO in the morning to check whether it curbs my appetite and it did, to some extent. It allowed me to go some extra hours without eating.

ii. Afternoon
It is very common to feel dull, lazy, and exhausted during the day, especially at the beginning of the keto diet or when we are fasting along with the keto diet.

Although it wasn’t as quick as I expected, taking Perfect KETO in this situation actually energized me and definitely made me feel a lot better. It took around 10-15 minutes to actually see the results and only lasted a few hours but it felt like taking a painkiller.

iii. Before Workout
I could do some light to moderate workouts after taking Perfect KETO. I got tired and needed more rest than the time I was on a normal diet but being able to work out on the Keto diet is a huge plus point.

Doing heavy exercise is a bad idea during the keto diet as it may lead to Keto-Flu, so, we avoided it.

iv. Avoided Perfect KETO at Night/Before going to bed
Although we may get tired and feel like we need energy, taking Perfect KETO during nighttime is not a good idea as being energetic at night means it harder to fall asleep. Unless it is not absolutely necessary to stay awake, it’s better to go to bed early and get a good sleep of 7-8 hours every day for better weight loss.

Perfect KETO Pricing

Perfect KETO is currently priced at $35.99 on its official site.

Honestly, I think the price of Perfect KETO, as well as every exogenous ketone, is a little bit higher than the value they provide. Perfect KETO is now the most fairly priced Exogenous ketone as they have reduced their price from $56.99 to $35.99 for the same amount if you subscribe to the product. Subscribing to perfect keto means they will send you a bottle of perfect keto every month. If you want to buy it only once, it will cost you 45.99. My advice is to buy the subscription package and cancel it after your first purchase arrives if you want to try only once, that way you will get it for cheap without buying it every month. If you check the competing products like Pruvit KETO OS, the situation is too bad as it is priced at $130.

Pros and Cons of Perfect KETO

  • Best-Tasting Ketones I ever tried.
  • Contains added Electrolytes which are much beneficial during Keto diet.
  • Comes in more than 5 flavors including chocolate, peach, coffee, vanilla, and more.
  • Curbs your hunger so well that you get away with eating so less.
  • Makes you energetic within a few minutes
  • Slightly Expensive Perfect KETO decreased its price from $56.99 to $39.99. It is fairly priced now.


Everyone who wants to try Perfect KETO has the same questions like How much should I take? When is the best time? How should I take it?

Let’s break it down.

How to take Perfect KETO?

Perfect KETO comes in powdered form. So, you need some kind of fluid to mix it with. You can mix it with water or any drink you can have during the keto diet like Protein shakes, acceptable coffees, smoothies, etc.

How much should I take in a Single dose?

It basically depends upon your body and lifestyle. I advise you to take one scoop at a time at first and gradually increase as per your need to optimal quantity as described in the bottle.

When is the best time to take Perfect KETO?

As I have already explained, taking perfect KETO at a specific time has a specific benefit. You can take Perfect KETO at any time that is suitable for you.

If you have any more doubts about Perfect KETO or Keto diet in general, please feel free to comment down below.

Overall Ratings

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