What are Exogenous Ketones? Should you take them?

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If you are on the keto diet, chances are you have heard somebody mentioning Exogenous ketones. But what are those? Do you even need them?

Let’s start with the introduction of ketones.


Your body primarily uses carbs to produce energy as these can be converted into energy very easily. Within 60 seconds your body can convert carbs into energy that can be used by the cells.

But when you are on keto diet, your diet contains fewer carbs than it is required to produce the energy required and your body needs to find an alternative source of energy.

So, to overcome the energy deficiency, your liver converts the fats stored in your body into a chemical known as ketones (a type of acid) that can be used by your body as fuel. This is how fat is burnt by your body to produce energy.

These ketones produced by the liver, inside your body, are called endogenous ketones.

Thus, as the name implies, exogenous ketones are the ketones that are synthesized outside of your body in the lab.

If My body produces Ketones, why do I even need exogenous ketones?

The only problem with endogenous ketones is that they are produced at a very slow rate. Also, at the early stage of starting the keto diet, your body is not adapted to your new diet. So, the ketones produced is insignificant.

As a result, your body will be energyless and you will feel tired, exhausted, you can’t even perform your simple daily tasks and most probably you will experience nausea, diarrhea, and several other side effects.

This effect of Keto diet is known as Keto Flu and is seen on almost all of Keto dieters. This is also the reason why many people quit Keto diet.

There is where exogenous ketones come into play. Taking exogenous ketones is the same as filling gas in your car. It will refill your body with energy and makes your Keto Flu disappear.

Note: Although you can take exogenous ketones without being on Keto diet to quickly get into ketosis, it is highly advised to take exogenous ketones along with Keto diet for maximum benefits.

What are the real-life benefits of Exogenous Ketones?

The main function of exogenous ketones is to supply energy to your body but the effects you can feel in real-life are much more than that like

  • You can get into ketosis quickly.
  • If you are experiencing Keto Flu(nausea, diarrhea, feeling exhausted), taking exogenous ketones will relieve you from all or most of these effects.
  • It curbs your hunger so that you can get away with eating less than before leading to even faster weight loss.
  • Taking exogenous ketones adapts your body to use ketones as an energy source which leads to faster endogenous ketones production meaning faster fat burn.
  • Being energized makes you more productive and improves your mental health.

Although you can take them at any time you feel energyless, Exogenous Ketones curb your hunger only if you take them before a meal.

What are the best Exogenous Ketones I can get?

There are many brands on the market promoting their products heavily in the media. You should be very careful as many of them are selling very low-quality products.

The most trusted and most popular Exogenous Ketones brand are

  1. Perfect KETO
  2. Purefit KETO

1. Perfect KETO

  • The most trusted brand for Ketogenic Supplement.
  • The most popular brand selling tens of thousands of products, more than any other brand.
  • Crafted by Experts with years of experience in this field.
  • Comes in powdered form.

2. Purefit KETO

  • A trusted brand for Ketogenic Supplement
  • Went viral in a short period of time
  • Get one free bottle when you buy two.
  • Comes as pills.

If you have any questions regarding exogenous ketones, please feel free to comment below.

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