Types of Ketogenic Diet and their Benefits

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Often times, people think Keto diet just as eating a low amount of carbs and higher fats and protein. But in reality, Keto diet is much more than eating Low carb and has multiple varieties depending upon your needs and body condition.

There are mainly four types of Keto diet:

1. Standard Keto Diet

Standard Keto diet is the one most people follow. Generally, this diet is understood if people just mention Keto diet.

Standard Keto diet involves:

  • 75% Fats (150 grams per day)
  • 20% Proteins (90 grams per day)
  • 5% Carbs (10 grams per day)

In this diet, your main intakes are Fats-rich foods such as avocados, butter, olive oil, etc. Since only 5% of carbs are allowed, you need to avoid all kinds of soft and hard drinks, fast food, bread, etc and focus on green leafy vegetables, low carb fruits like berries only (avoid high sugar Fruits), Fish and meat.

Benefits and Suitability: This diet is most beneficial if your goal is to lose weight as fast as possible and you don’t have to do any high energy demanding work throughout the week.

2. Cyclical ketogenic diet

In this diet, you keep a cycle of going in and out of the Keto diet regularly. You undergo Keto diet for someday, return to normal diet and again go back to the Keto diet.

This diet involves:

i. On Keto days:

  • 75% Fats
  • 20% Proteins
  • 5% carbs

ii. On Keto Off days:

  • 25% Fats
  • 25% Proteins
  • 50% Carbs

Benefits and Suitability: This diet is most beneficial and suitable if you have to work heavy on some days while you are idle on some other days. Such as if you have to work for 4 days a week, then you can eat a high carb diet on your workdays as you need more energy and Keto diet on rest days. It is also applicable if you want Keto diet for the rest of the week and switch back during weekends or your special days to enjoy.

3. Targeted Keto Diet

This is the type of Keto diet for the individuals who want to try Keto diet but also have to be physically active throughout the day.

If you are not physically active throughout the day and need energy for the workout only, you should take all the excess carbs before the workout.

It involves:

  • 60-70% Fats
  • 20% Proteins
  • 10-15% Carbs

In this diet, the higher carb is allowed than the Standard Keto diet to compensate for the energy required.

Benefits and Suitability: This diet is especially suitable for athletes and people who need to be physically active to some extent.

You can also try this diet if you want to try Keto diet without the pain or you can try Standard Keto diet with Keto supplements.

4. High-Protein Keto Diet

This diet focuses on high intake of protein, reduced fats than standard Keto Diet and low carbs. The downside of this diet is that proteins can also be converted to glucose and used as fuel by body. So, you may not be in Ketosis but high protein diet still causes weightloss as protein has very less energy than carbs.

It invoves:

  • 45-50% Fats
  • 40-45% Proteins
  • 10% Carbs

Benefits and Suitability: This diet is most suitable for individuals who are building muscles as well as losing fats on the same time. It is also suitable if you had tried Standard Keto Diet and couldn’t continue because of your body conditions.


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