Top 10 Ketogenic Supplements with GUARANTEED Results in 2022

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As more and more people are now on Keto diet, the interest in supplements that make your keto diet a lot more effective is exploding.

Although most supplements generally work, not all supplements are created equal.

In this post, you will learn about the MOST EFFECTIVE AND SAFE supplements that you can buy in 2019 along with their effectiveness.

Disclaimer: Effectiveness is based on reviews found on the internet as well as our readers.

1. MCT Oil

MCT Oil Bottle

Effectiveness: 90%

Medium-Chain-Triglycerides (MCT), mostly found in coconut oil is one of the most popular and most effective keto supplement.

MCT oil available in the market is either extracted from coconut oil or palm oil.

How does it work?

MCTs are actually fats that are readily used by your body to get energy. Hence, MCT Oil makes you feel less hungry but you still have enough energy to perform daily activities thus helping you to lose weight.

Where to Get?

You can read complete reviews about MCT Oil brands Here.

Usage Procedure

>> We recommend you to start a tablespoon of MCT oil and increase to the dose mentioned on the bottle if you don’t feel stomach pain. You can swallow the oil as it comes or by mixing it on any of your drinks.

>> Take MCT oil in the morning as you wake up. This will be the most effective approach.

>> As coconut oil contains MCTs, you can also get a small amount of MCTs by eating coconut oil.

>> MCT Tablets are also available on amazon.

Known Side-Effects

In some people, MCT oil can cause diarrhea and nausea.

2. Exogenous Ketones

Effectiveness: 90%

Ketones can be formed inside the body or supplied through synthetic sources outside of your body.

Exogenous ketones are the ones supplied through synthetic supplements.

Used For

Exogenous ketones reduce appetite so you can lose weight by eating less.

A recent survey has found that taking exogenous ketones helps to reduce appetite by 50% on average.

Exogenous ketones only work if you take them before the meal.

Usage procedure

Exogenous ketones come as pills or powder on a bottle. You can take one or two pills a day or mix spoonful of powder on any drink as per your needs.

Purefit Keto Bottle

Where to get?

There are many companies selling exogenous ketones but the most trusted ones are:

  1. Perfect Keto
  2. PureFit Keto

Known Side-Effects

No side effects are reported other than a few cases of nausea and diarrhea in some rare cases.

3. Electrolytes

Effectiveness: Not Applicable

The content of electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium) should be increased when you are on Keto diet because more electrolytes will be excreted out of your body.

In case you see the symptoms of deficiency as described below, you must add these supplements.

A. Sodium

Symptoms of deficiency: Fatigue, Weakness, Headache, Difficulty concentrating

To increase Sodium content: Increase salt content on your food.

B. Potassium

Symptoms of deficiency: Muscle cramps, muscle twitching.

To get potassium content: Eat avocado, leafy green vegetables or Mushrooms.

Alternatively, you can get potassium quickly using supplements like:

  1. NOW potassium supplements

4. Fiber

Effectiveness: Not Applicable

Fiber in your food helps to

  • Regulate digestion thus preventing constipation
  • Prevent many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

But in Keto diet, you may not be getting the required amount of fiber (35 gm/day for men and 25 gm/day for women aged 18-50) causing constipation or similar digestion related issues.

To increase fiber content you have to consume fiber-rich food like Green vegetables, Flax seeds, avocados, etc.

Alternatively, if you want more fiber easily and quickly, you can get fiber supplements on amazon like:

5. Green Tea and Caffeine

Effectiveness: 60%

Green tea and caffeine also work as supplements for Keto diet. Those are the natural sources of maintaining your weight.

You can consume both caffeinated and decaf coffee on keto but you can only take certain types of coffee like

  • Black coffee: Drip, espresso, cold brew, Aeropress and iced coffee. You can add unsweetened full-fat heavy cream.
  • Plain lattes with unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

Tea contains zero carbohydrates and you can drink any of black, green or herbal tea on Keto diet.

Green teas such as Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea are mostly preferred as they have a lot less side effects than that of black tea.

6. Magnesium

Effectiveness: Not Applicable

Magnesium is also electrolyte like sodium and potassium but its demand is not increased because of Keto diet.

Taking Magnesium will have a positive impact on your weight loss campaign.

Its deficiency causes muscle twitching or cramping.

To get magnesium, you have to take high magnesium food like Hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pine nuts, avocados, etc.

Alternatively, you can get more Magnesium quickly through supplements like:

7. Vitamin D

Effectiveness: Not Applicable

Vitamin D is necessary for our body for the reasons like enhancing bone strength, immune system, overall fitness level of the body, etc.

Although Keto diet does not necessarily cause a deficiency of vitamin D, any deficiency of vitamin D is more felt during the Keto diet.

You are most likely to have been Vitamin D deficient if your bones hurt.

You can do the blood test and verify if the Vitamin D level is between 65-75 ng/mL. Else, you must take supplements like Swanson Vitamin D.

8. Fish Oil

Effectiveness: 45%

Fish oil is derived from the liver and skin of fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, etc.

Fish Oil is rich in a compound called omega-3 fatty acids which is well known to prevent heart disease and various other health issues.

Taking fish oil on your keto diet will reduce the amount of fat in your blood.

Fish oils don’t have that many advantages directly to the keto diet, but if you are concerned about your heart health fish oil from Barlean’s Fresh Catch Fish Oil is highly recommended.

9. Digestive Enzymes

Effectiveness: NA

Keto diet is low in carbs but very high in fats. Your keto diet may contain up to 70-75% of fats. But the problem is your body is not adapted to this much fat and you may experience Keto flu with effects like

  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas

Although your body produces digestive enzymes to some level, it is nowhere sufficient as you changed your diet from normal to high fat(keto).

So, it is recommended to take external digestive enzymes especially if you are experiencing the above issues.

Recommended Product:

The most trusted and most popular brand for digestive enzymes is

10. Acetyl L-Carnitine

Effectiveness: NA

L-Carnitine is needed for your body for the oxidation of fatty acids. These fatty acids, as the name implies, are the conversion of the fats that we intake.

Remember that there are other types of carnitine which have completely different functions. So, make sure you are getting L-carnitine.

In Keto diet, up to 70%-75% of your diet will be fats. So, your body needs a lot of carnitine than before for the oxidation of increased fats.

So, if you are seeing from indigestion or other digestion-related side effects, adding an L-carnitine supplement to your diet will be beneficial.

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