Ketonix Breath Analyzer Review 2022

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Ketonix Breath Analyzer is one of the unique devices with which you can measure your degree of ketosis just by analyzing your breath. This review is an in-depth cover of Ketonix to help you to decide whether you should get it or not.

What is Ketonix and How Does it Work?

Ketonix AB is the name of the Swedish company that produces the device called the Ketonix breath analyzer. The principle at work with this device is the same as with the breathalyzer the police administer if they suspect you’ve been drinking and driving. In this case, what the breath tester is looking for is the acetone levels in your breath.

Acetone? Yes, acetone. You see, when your body is in ketosis, it is burning fat for energy rather than carbs. And a byproduct of the fat burning process is acetone. So the product very cleverly monitors whether you’re in the state by measuring the level of acetone in your breath.

Is The Ketonix Meter Foolproof?

The question on most people’s minds when it comes to this product is simple: does it work? The answer is yes. Although no such device could ever be 100% fool-proof because other things you may have recently drunk, smoked or eaten and your level of physical exertion at the time you test yourself may have an impact on the results. But 99 times out of 100, this product will provide you with a highly accurate reading. You’ll then be able to determine if you are in the state or if you need to make adjustments to your diet.

What Type of Reading Do I Get?

There are two possibilities when it comes to the Ketonix breath analyzer. You can hook it up to your computer or smartphone and get an easy-to-understand numeric result. Or you can choose to take a reading when a computer or smartphone is not available and get a light on the device itself which indicates an approximate ketone level. Either way, you’ll be able to tell if you have lapsed into or out of the state and that’s invaluable information when you’re attempting to change your dietary habits to take advantage of the benefits ketone bodies provide.

What Are the Benefits of Ketonix Breath Ketone Monitor?

  • Ketonix lets you find out in just minutes if you are in the state of ketosis.
  • Much faster and less impactful than testing ketone levels via a blood test.
  • The device itself displays four different ranges that will provide bottom-line information on whether you’re in the state or not.
  • The newest versions can be easily hooked up to your computer, smartphone or tablet to provide an extremely accurate numeric value. This way you’ll know exactly how successful your diet has been.
  • The mouthpiece of the Ketonix breath analyzer can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Related software is compatible with both Windows and iOS for computers as well as Android or iOS for smartphones.
  • The​ breath meter is readily available through Amazon.
  • The Ketonix breath tester is charged via USB cable that can be connected to any compatible power source.

How do the Various Aspects of Ketonix Stack Up?

  • Ease of use – The Ketonix breath meter couldn’t be simpler to use. Just power it up, wait a minute or two for the device to get properly warmed up then breath into it. Your result will be available in no time. The product can easily be mastered by even the most tech-challenged individual.
  • Accuracy of readings – While there’s no doubt a blood analysis will provide a more accurate reading, such pinpoint accuracy is not actually necessary to determine if you are in the state and if there are any adjustments you need to make. The product will provide readings so accurate you’ll likely never need to take another ketone related blood test.
  • Convenience – When compared to blood or urine testing for ketone levels, Ketonix is much more convenient. There’s no need for privacy as with urine testing and no need to consult with a medical professional as with most blood testing. With this product, you simply breathe into the device and receive your results pronto.
  • Cost – While individual blood or urine test will cost less than the Ketonix breath analyzer this device will be with you for years, so the per test cost drops every time you test yourself. As a result, the overall cost winds up being a fraction of what it would be if you conducted a similar number of blood or urine tests. 

As you can see in every way that matters, the product delivers. It’s the only tester you’ll likely ever need when it comes to determining if you are in ketosis and/or whether you’ll need to make adjustments to your diet.

After Reviewing The Product, Here’s What We Found…

  • Simple to use​
  • Highly accurate
  • Convenient
  • Painless
  • Reusable
  • 30-day money back guarantee from Ketonix USA
  • Larger up-front cost than a single blood or urine test.
  • If you lend it out, you may never get it back!

So, Should You Buy Ketonix Breathalyzer?

When it comes to the important business of measuring ketone levels, there is simply no easier or more convenient method that the Ketonix acetone breath analyzer. Ketonix is built around sound scientific principles and will be there for you time and time and again, helping you get the most out of your keto diet and lifestyle. Highly recommended for anyone who’s serious about ketosis.

And if you are serious about taking your diet to the next level, you can click here or on the right to get the best price for this amazing breathalyzer product.


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