Should you take Keto Diet Supplements? Advantages, Risks, and Recommendations

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As soon as people hear about supplements, most of them think of them as some kind of drugs and try to avoid them.

In the case of Keto supplements, although there can be some dangerous supplements too which I absolutely don’t recommend, there are many supplements that are as safe as they can be.

It is no doubt that “being natural” is better in the case of Keto diet too but it is painful, you have to compromise a lot of things and in some cases where you should be physically active, it’s almost impossible. Taking supplements correctly helps to minimize most of these limitations of Keto diet.


When you are on Keto diet, your body undergoes a series of change in areas of energy generation, enzymes production, and many more.

Generally, your body converts carbohydrates to energy as it is the fastest way to generate energy. It only takes around one minute to convert carbohydrates to energy.

As you move to Keto diet, the energy need of your body cannot be fulfilled by carbohydrates. So, your body applies an alternative way of generating energy- converting fats in your food and stored fats in your body to ketones that can be used as fuel by your body. This process is known as ketosis.

The problem is that your body is not adapted to use ketones as fuel hence the ketones production will be very slow.

Also, as your diet changes, your body needs different enzymes or the same enzymes at a different ratio than before to digest foods. But, your body needs a very long time to change enzyme production pattern.

As a result of these effects, your daily lifestyle will be heavily affected. You will feel tired, experience digestion related problems, headaches, and many more side effects of Keto diet known as Keto flu.

The main function Keto supplements do is to kickstart the ketones producing process as well as to directly supply the ketones or fats which your body can use as fuel so that you feel energetic.

Also, there are supplements that supply digestive enzymes needed to your body to properly digest the Keto diet.

Why Should You Take Keto Supplements?

There are many reasons why you should take keto supplements but I will discuss only the major advantages only.

1. Faster Results

Supplements significantly reduce the time to lose weight to your targeted level.

The main plus point is that you can take supplements that trigger your body to burn fat naturally instead of doing work themselves. This means you will be continuously benefitted from the effect of supplements even after you stop taking them.


Exogenous ketones supplements help you to increase the rate of fat burn by adapting your body to use energy by burning fats into ketones.

2. Relieve from the Pain of Keto Diet

Most of the keto dieters feel energy-less and exhausted as there will be energy deficient at the starting of the keto diet.

Most of them even become a victim of Keto Flu, a side effect of Keto diet that causes symptoms like headache, digestion related problems, muscle cramps, etc.

These conditions are really painful and, in many cases, people are forced to quit the Keto diet. These issues mostly affect the people that need to be physically active during the daytime and its impossible to do the workout or other physical exercises.

If you either need to be physically active or are the victim of Keto Flu, Keto supplements provide enough energy to remain physically active and relieve you from keto flu.

Thus, you don’t have to quit the Keto diet or compromise your daily activity schedule to be on the Keto diet.


  • Exogenous ketones and MCTs recharge your body with energy so that you can do your daily activities. You will also be able to do light to moderate workout after taking these supplements which leads to faster weight loss.
  • Digestive enzymes help you to get rid of digestion-related issues.
  • Electrolytes help you to cure headaches and dizziness.

3. Curb your hunger

Taking exogenous ketones on empty stomach in the morning effectively curbs your hunger.

As a result, you can get away with eating less food than before which means faster weight loss.

Disadvantages and Risks

1. They hurt your wallet

The keto supplements are costly. Although one bottle of exogenous ketones only costs around $50, it won’t be enough for a full month. Also, you may need to buy other supplements like digestive enzymes too.

So, your average monthly spending on keto supplements could be anywhere between $100-$200 depending upon your situation and needs.

2. They may not work if used incorrectly

Keto supplements instantly recharge you with energy and make you comfortable which is a good thing.

But, oftentimes, people take much more than they are supposed to. Whenever they feel uncomfortable, they take supplements immediately eventually taking a much higher dosage than required.

If you take the same supplements more than 5-6 times a day, it will be considered overdosed. The risk of doing this is that all of your energy demand will be supplied by supplements, so, your body doesn’t burn the fat stored in your body. Hence, you don’t lose any weight.


After analyzing both the advantages and disadvantages, I recommend you the following tips to get the highest benefit from Keto supplements at the lowest price.

  1. Take Either Exogenous Ketones or MCTs to get energy as both of them have the same function.
  2. Take digestive enzymes only if you have digestion related problems after switching to keto diet only.
  3. Take supplements at specified times only such as take exogenous ketones in the morning, before workout or only if you feel extremely tired.
  4. Focus on getting natural supplements.
    Supplements such as electrolytes and fiber can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, and salt.
    You will get fiber from vegetables, potassium from avocado, leafy green vegetables or Mushrooms, and sodium from table salt.
    Green tea and some coffee are also good supplements to Keto diet.

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